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:sherlock: Hello all fellow Sherlockians! :sherlock:

Here are the rules for submitting fanart for our gallery!!
PLEASE READ THEM. (Revised last on 26th of April, 2012)


Rules for Submitting:
How To Submit
Go to Our front page and click the "Submit Art" icon. If you can't see this icon, please make sure you are a member of the club.

:bulletblue: All submissions must revolve around Sherlock Holmes and characters, people or situations affiliated with him. Club Rating: PG-13
:bulletblue: Work of any medium. (Traditional, Digital, and Photography of your Cosplay)
:bulletblue: Finished work that you put skill and effort in. A doodle can be “Finished” too, but it’s not.
:bulletblue: If you want to submit art that you took a photo of (in case you don't have a scanner), please, crop and edit before submitting it.
:bulletblue: Sketches are welcome, as long as they are finished and stylish.
:bulletblue: Portraits drawn from photos and posters are accepted, but there will be extreme quality control in order to escape many identical poor quality drawings in our group and inboxes. We will have to be subjective about this one sometimes. Fair, but subjective.

:bulletblue: Images or texts with pornographic content. Club Rating: PG-13
:bulletblue: NO Slash. There are other groups who happily accept that, but not this one.
:bulletblue: Anything outside dA's Guidelines
:bulletblue: Images or texts you have found from other sources = deviations you didn't create yourself.
:bulletblue: WIPs, Traced pictures.
:bulletblue: Photomanips, Postermanips, and faces from photos of characters awkwardly cut out and put on some colourful background. No gifs of scenes from any of the shows.
:bulletblue: No screenshots from any shows, with changed contrast or modified colour.
:bulletblue: No simple stick figure art, or awkward anime-like art. (although anime style works are accepted)
:bulletblue: No portraits of just the actors/actresses themselves. They must specifically deal with their work with Sherlock Holmes.

As stated above, quality control will be applied to portraits and copies of photos and scenes of any shows. These portraits have to be done with skill and effort. That means – use composition, correct contrast, and correct anatomy (as much as your skill level allows you at least).
Of course, quality control will be applied to ALL other submissions too. It won't be as harsh, but subjective view will also be used. So, think before submitting just any of you works. :)

:bulletred: About Fan-fiction: We accept only the First chapter of every fanfic, to prevent flooding. Just make sure you have a link to the second chapter of your fic in the artist's comments.


:bulletred: PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDERS! Deviations submitted to the wrong folders will be declined. If you're not sure where to submit, feel free to ask.

:bulletred: We’ve set the global submission limit to “BBC Sherlock”, “Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes” and “Humour and Fun” Folders to 1 deviation per member a month. This club is mainly for Canon (Book) Holmes and not BBC Sherlock. It INCLUDES this adaptation, but it shouldn’t overflow with it, I hope you understand.
Other Folders’ global submission limit is set to 1, 2 and 3 deviations per member a week. Depends on the Folder.

:bulletred: The decision whether you deviation is accepted or declined is the admins', based on our Club Rules. Not agreeing with that decision will not help your deviation get accepted. Being exceptionally rude about it will result in a ban.

Thank you!

Founder: :icondemona-silverwing:

Admins: :iconnoe-izumi::iconashley-f::iconwindmaedchen:

Gallery Folders


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Are you ready? :sherlock:
Because here are the details I promised ... so let's get started!

As stated before, you are taking up the place of Sidney Paget to illustrate a scene according to Watson's wishes. For some reason Paget declined to do that particular drawing, only heavens know why, and it's up to you to capture the moment (and make Watson happy xD)
Here it is:

"In all my years of friendship with Sherlock Holmes I have been witness to many incredible events, some extremely gruesome, others so very saddening and even a few quite ridiculous ones. As for the latter, one particular event will forever remain in my memory as the most extraordinaire situation I have ever encountered with Holmes and his cases. I had started to draft the story to have it published, but Sidney Paget, who is illustrating my writings, refused to draw a single line! No doubt, you can now guess where this is going. Let me give you, dear reader, an outline of the situation so that you may try to illustrate what Mr. Paget did not dare to.

We were back at the crime scene, prepared to catch the culprit and with him the stolen item. Holmes had somehow managed to hide himself in a female servants dress, while I was forced to wear my bathing suit. Apart from that ridiculous outer wear I held tightly onto a pair of slippers, ready to use should the need arise. Additionally Holmes had armed himself with a dumbbell, some string and an umbrella. It took us five minutes to prepare the scene but only 30 seconds to see our work bear fruit. The culprit, dressed in some traditional costume and clutching to the stolen object, tried to escape but thanks to Holmes' swift reaction is now under lock and key.

Can you capture the scene?"

Now, there are a few RULES, though:

:bulletred: Staying true to the foundation of this club, we want to see you draw Holmes and Watson as they've been described in the Canon and how you subsequently envision them. At the very least, google the illustrations done by Sidney Paget and copy the image HE gave the characters and how they became icons in peoples minds since the 1890s. :) In other words, try to not draw any particular adaptation =P

The image should contain Holmes, Watson, the culprit and all items specified, in full or part. (Forgot to mention that, sorry)

:bulletred: It really should fit into the story as an official illustration. To do so, we have the following suggestion for you: You may draw in any style most comfortable to you but to give it the illustration feel ... leave out an elaborate background. xD As Paget has done, add only what is truly necessary (objects the characters interact with [sitting in a chair], objects to indicate immediate surroundings [grass or stones, a bush or brook]) and fill the rest of the background with a gradient or shadow, just enough to indicate some sense of location/dimension around the characters. Study Paget's illustrations for that, he does it brilliantly.

:bulletred: It can be in colour or in greyscale (or even lines, if you prefer that etching-feel or printed plate)

:bulletred: You can enter up to three pieces.

:bulletred: Your art has to be new. No art you had already uploaded in your gallery.

:bulletred: Make sure it follows DA and the club's rules (remember, this is a slash-free group)

:bulletred: No doodles you spent 5 seconds drawing on a piece of note paper. Please, do your best.

:bulletgreen: The Admins will do the judging. :plotting:

:bulletyellow: Submit your entries to the "Contest: Missing Illustration" Folder.

:bulletyellow: The deadline is March 1st 2015! Lot's of time to get creative.

:bulletred:1st Place
- 200 :points:
- Two (or less) coloured chibis (Holmes related preferable) by :iconwindmaedchen: (digital image)
- A fully coloured character of your choice by :icondemona-silverwing: (digital image)
- A5 pencil sketch, 2 characters by :iconpagodacomics:

:bulletorange:2nd Place
- 100 :points:
- Two (or less) pencil sketched characters (or chibis) (Holmes related preferable) by :iconwindmaedchen: (scanned image)
- A5 pencil sketch, one character by :iconpagodacomics:

:bulletyellow:3rd Place
- 50 :points:
- Two (or less) pencil sketched chibis (Holmes related preferable) by :iconwindmaedchen:
- A5 pencil sketch, bust by :iconpagodacomics:

:bulletred: Entries:bulletred:

1- Extraordinary case by kayoche by :iconkayoche:

2- Missing Illustration by romiv by :iconromiv:

:bulletred: If anyone wants to donate prizes, please write a note to the club or to me (Windmaedchen), and your prize will be added to the prize list.

Sounds all really simple, doesn't it? I am very eagerly awaiting your entries, so please don't keep me waiting for very long. :eager:

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I'm very sorry you feel upset over your art being declined. What you must understand is that we recieve a lot of submissions for this group. If we accepted everyone's art, then there would be very little need for us administrators to be here. Because of the developments in the most recent adaptations, we have been recieving numerous requests for deviations to be accepted into our group. In regards to specifically this group, we embrace the entirety of the Sherlock Holmes fandom -- including the many (and recent) adaptations. But because of this reason, we do not want to be predominantly biased in accepting most of what we get in regards to these recent adaptations. (There are a number of groups that are dedicated specifically to these adpatations, some of which we are affiliated with.)

I took a look at your gallery, and more specifically, your work on BBC's 'Sherlock'. It is good. But what I personally accept into this group must be of unusual or outstanding quality. (Although see my note in the following paragraph.) Your work is clean and precise. So keep up the good work! And maybe if you keep improving and keep trying with your submissions, your future deviations may be accepted.

As for what we accept, I cannot say we -- the admins -- have been consistent. Nor do we agree on what we deem should or should not be accepted. (I, for one, consider myself to be a harsher critic and did not agree with some of the art that had been accepted.) But we have been making changes to our acceptance system to improve that.

As a group, our purpose is to showcase the best there is of a particular shared passion. Being a member of this group does not entitle you to priority or prefered acceptance of deviations/art. It DOES mean being able to share ideas, feedback, and conversation concerning the Sherlock Holmes universe and related canons/adaptations. It is also a place to discover others and their art about Sherlock Holmes.

Best of luck with your art!
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