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:sherlock: Hello all fellow Sherlockians! :sherlock:

Here are the rules for submitting fanart for our gallery!!
PLEASE READ THEM. (Revised last on 26th of April, 2012)


Rules for Submitting:
How To Submit
Go to Our front page and click the "Submit Art" icon. If you can't see this icon, please make sure you are a member of the club.

:bulletblue: All submissions must revolve around Sherlock Holmes and characters, people or situations affiliated with him. Club Rating: PG-13
:bulletblue: Work of any medium. (Traditional, Digital, and Photography of your Cosplay)
:bulletblue: Finished work that you put skill and effort in. A doodle can be “Finished” too, but it’s not.
:bulletblue: If you want to submit art that you took a photo of (in case you don't have a scanner), please, crop and edit before submitting it.
:bulletblue: Sketches are welcome, as long as they are finished and stylish.
:bulletblue: Portraits drawn from photos and posters are accepted, but there will be extreme quality control in order to escape many identical poor quality drawings in our group and inboxes. We will have to be subjective about this one sometimes. Fair, but subjective.

:bulletblue: Images or texts with pornographic content. Club Rating: PG-13
:bulletblue: NO Slash. There are other groups who happily accept that, but not this one.
:bulletblue: Anything outside dA's Guidelines
:bulletblue: Images or texts you have found from other sources = deviations you didn't create yourself.
:bulletblue: WIPs, Traced pictures.
:bulletblue: Photomanips, Postermanips, and faces from photos of characters awkwardly cut out and put on some colourful background. No gifs of scenes from any of the shows.
:bulletblue: No screenshots from any shows, with changed contrast or modified colour.
:bulletblue: No simple stick figure art, or awkward anime-like art. (although anime style works are accepted)
:bulletblue: No portraits of just the actors/actresses themselves. They must specifically deal with their work with Sherlock Holmes.

As stated above, quality control will be applied to portraits and copies of photos and scenes of any shows. These portraits have to be done with skill and effort. That means – use composition, correct contrast, and correct anatomy (as much as your skill level allows you at least).
Of course, quality control will be applied to ALL other submissions too. It won't be as harsh, but subjective view will also be used. So, think before submitting just any of you works. :)

:bulletred: About Fan-fiction: We accept only the First chapter of every fanfic, to prevent flooding. Just make sure you have a link to the second chapter of your fic in the artist's comments.


:bulletred: PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDERS! Deviations submitted to the wrong folders will be declined. If you're not sure where to submit, feel free to ask.

:bulletred: We’ve set the global submission limit to “BBC Sherlock”, “Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes” and “Humour and Fun” Folders to 1 deviation per member a month. This club is mainly for Canon (Book) Holmes and not BBC Sherlock. It INCLUDES this adaptation, but it shouldn’t overflow with it, I hope you understand.
Other Folders’ global submission limit is set to 1, 2 and 3 deviations per member a week. Depends on the Folder.

:bulletred: The decision whether you deviation is accepted or declined is the admins', based on our Club Rules. Not agreeing with that decision will not help your deviation get accepted. Being exceptionally rude about it will result in a ban.

Thank you!

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Happy New Year, Holmesians! :sherlock:

So...that Sherlock I'll try to avoid spoilers as I write my thoughts on the episode...


The homage to the show's roots, the Victorian era, was well executed—from the costuming and setting to language and culture. Cumberbatch admitted that there was not much of a difference in how he played his character because he already was incorporating the "Victorian in the modern". Moffat, crew, and cast members had said in an interview that filming for this special felt slow, from the method of communication (telegram and hand-delivered letters) to filming (make-up, costuming, set-building). It makes me appreciate how easy it is to set stories in the present-day.

Also, I cringed just a bit with the use of "Elementary, my dear Watson". Short history lesson! Anyone who has read all the original stories knows that this commonly associated phrase is nowhere mentioned. The closest instance would be that in "The Adventure of the Crooked Man" where Holmes simply remarks to Watson, "Elementary". The phrase was first used in the 1929 film, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, with the title character portrayed by Clive Brook. The reason I cringe is because I am a "canon loyalist". (Although I got to admit, I'm extremely proud of how clever I am for titling this section.)


Wow...when I thought I was really amazed with how amazing the cinematography was for the previous episodes, this one was more impressive! A few favorite moments in this aspect...
  • the transitions: notably, between Sherlock lighting his pipe and the gunshot, between the garden hedge to Sherlock's meditating hands, and between Victorian and present-day Baker Street at the end
  • story-telling settings: to think the crew had to set up a simplified duplicate of 221B on the premise of the scenes of which Lestrade's account take place (notice in the first incident scene, the cobbled pavement is visible in the space between the rug's edge and the fireplace)

And like always, I love the showing of text (in this case, telegrams and letters) on-screen as a part of post-editing effects.


The story is inspired by a case that is mentioned in "The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual": "Ricoletti of the club foot and his abominable wife". It also speaks well to the core beliefs of the stories: there is nothing fantastical, only facts. Even though it is set in Victorian times, where fantastical things were more acceptable (due to lack of knowledge at the time), logic can reasonable explain and denounce the inconveable. Also—going off my previous point of harking back to roots—I appreciate this episode also because, despite there being a set precedent and expectations of historical accuracy, the story is still unique while still being true to what it is. And that is saying something considering the number of adaptations there have already been of Sherlock Holmes.

In closing, I want to say that this episode confirmed my theory to explain what happened at the end of "His Last Vow". (No spoilers on this either.) ;)

Belated compliments of the season,

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